Watford Celebration

Watford Celebration

Celebrating Watford's
Rich Diversity

'One Town Together'

Cancelled due to the coronavirus.

Herts 2020 Audentior Award 2016

'Special Achievement Award'

Welcome to Watford Celebration!

Watford Celebration 2020 is cancelled
due to the coronavirus.

Watford Celebration is an annual colourful festival which offers the people of Watford the opportunity to learn about the rich diversity of their town. Ethnic, faith and charitable groups showcase and share each other's music, dance, drama, costumes and food offering a wonderful afternoon of entertainment for the whole family. Local artists are also welcome to display their talents.

Watford Celebration 2019 was a great success bringing our town together.
The Watford Celebration team would like to thank the various communities of Watford for their wonderful contributions through performances, donation of food and more and
a big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers!

Watford Celebration 2019 VIP

Watford Celebration 2019, photos taken by Christophe Murphy.

Please click here to view more photos taken on the day.

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