Watford Celebration

Watford Celebration

Celebrating Watford's
Rich Diversity

'One Town Together'

Celebration 2020
August Bank Holiday weekend.

Herts 2020 Audentior Award 2016

'Special Achievement Award'

Welcome to the Watford Celebration 2020
Day 3

Monday 31st August.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Watford Celebration 2020.
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This was the running order for the day.

  1. Video Tour of St Michael's Church

  2. Collection of Short Videos from Marijah Butcher

  3. Rabbi Chalk makes Chicken Soup

  4. Pump House Clog Morris Group

  5. Tai Chi for Better Health

  6. One Vision – Schools supporting families

  7. Julian Mount

  8. Farzana Doll's House

  9. Caring Sharing Friends

  10. Sneak Peek of Interview with Watford FC & Watford General – COVID-19 Response

  11. Watford Chinese Association

  12. Herts Police Message

  13. Phyllis Making Masks

  14. South West Herts Model Railway Society

  15. Jeff Bateman

  16. Herts Inclusive Theatre

  17. 'Support Our Superheroes'

  18. Music24

  19. London Spiritual Centre Highlights

  20. Polish food demonstration

  21. Spiritual Videos from Brahma Kumaris

  22. Guillem Calvo

Many thanks to everyone who sent those inspiring and uplifting video clips.