Watford Celebration

Watford Celebration

Celebrating Watford's
Rich Diversity

'One Town Together'

Bank Holiday weekend.

A live outdoor event at the Bandstand in Cassiobury Park
and online.

Thanking Watford Community Housing

for their sponsorship of Celebration 2021.

Audentior Award 2016

'Special Achievement Award'


Watford Celebration 2021:

Many thanks to our media team.

The Watford Celebration team would like to thank Lee Keogh and Tony Bain for filming the performances at the Bandstand on Monday 30th August. They stood there all afternoon recording the outstanding performances of our talented Watford residents. Many thanks also to our sound managers David Rennie and Reamonn Bateman for their professional support and contributions. All did an excellent job!

You can view the performances on our Watford Celebration YouTube channel: Click here.

Thanks everyone. We had a great Celebration!

Thanks everyone who took part in the Watford Celebration at the Bandstand in Cassiobury park on Monday! The performances were superb, and we were blessed to have Lee Partridge introducing them all. From the jolly and upbeat Clog Morris to the elegant Chinese umbrella dancers, the folk songs and poems, the singalong from the Caring, Sharing Friends and more, we had a wonderful time. Not to forget to mention the various stalls informing us of all on the amazing organisations we have in Watford. People from all ages young and old came and enjoyed the afternoon.

It was quite a challenge for the Watford celebration team to organise this year event as it was a totally new venue, unfamiliar to us. The load of the work ended it up mostly on Judith and Françoise who spent countless hours juggling with all the various tasks needed to make the event possible. A big blow to us came when Gill Crowson, a most valuable member on our team who had taken on the publicity and the coordination of the volunteers became unwell and ended up in hospital. We all wish her well. Somehow, we managed to pull it through thanks to the help of the wonderful volunteers on the day, especially from the Latter Day Saints, Ahmadiyya, Soul Survivor, One Vision and Sri Mohan from Lions… as well as Paul Bruni and Anthony Folami who did a tremendous job.

Lee Keogh was a star and filmed the whole afternoon. Soon you will be able to see his magnificent work on the Watford Celebration YouTube channel and you will be able to revisit that wonderful afternoon at the bandstand!

watford celebration picture collage

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Thank you to all sponsors and supporters.

We would like to thank the Watford Community Housing for their generous sponsorship of Watford Celebration 2021. They have been our great supporter for many years. We would like also to acknowledge, David Rennie of Belvedere Graphics, another long-term sponsor of Watford Celebration. David has been an excellent and professional sound manager for our events for so many years. He will be managing the sound system for the performances at the Bandstand in Cassiobury Park on Monday Bank Holiday 30th August. There have been so many wonderful people who have supported Watford Celebration including our Elected Mayor and various Councillors. A big thank you also to our Watford Celebration veteran team, who has kept going over the years since the event started in 2005, now in its 16th year!

It is decided!

Watford Celebration 2021 will be live at the Bandstand in Cassiobury Park on Bank Holiday Monday 30 August from 1.30 to 4.30pm. This will be a shorter event from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. If application exceeds, we will unfortunately need to make a selection on who will be able to perform. Our deadline for application is August 10 then the selection will be finalised according to Watford Celebration’s criteria as an event which celebrates the various cultural and faith communities of Watford.

Watford Celebration 2021 is on!

At its AGM, the Celebration team decided to go ahead with Watford Celebration 2021! We were delighted to have our Mayor Peter Taylor, Cllr Tim Williams and Cllr Asif Khan at our meeting offering us their support. Watford Celebration 2021 will be on Sunday 29th August online for the Sacred Space, and Bank Holiday Monday 30th August at the Bandstand in Cassiobury Park, socially distanced and live. This will be a shorter event from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. If application exceeds, we will need to make a selection. Depending on the Covid guidelines at that time, it will be either a live event or online again as it was last year, with participants sending in video clips. We hope to know by the end of June.

We are pleased to inform you that Lee Keogh has offered once again to do the editing and Lee Partridge to host the event, and both have agreed to do this whether it is live or online.

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